Sunday, September 5, 2010


ok, that's my laptop analogue clock looks like. don't focus at the clock, focus on the time. yah, it's 2.32 a.m. right now and i'm still not sleeping. urmh. i'm a typical girl who at least sleep at 1 o'clock. that's counted as late. and now, i'm still awake without any help of nescafe. and my head is like nak meletup dah. this is all the effect of term paper. yeah, i know. silly me. 2 bulan punya kerja baru nak siapkan. and it's 5 pages ENGLISH LITERATURE essay! whoa. that's a lot for me. it's okay if you're making up a story. but that's NOT SO okay if you're writing about factual thing and EXACTLY NOT OKAY if you have to extract from here and there. another 3 pages to go. padan muka saya!

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