Thursday, April 1, 2010

musafir as nadya said

ok, my lesbos came over to my house for a sleepover after we planning it for almost 2 months. yeay, mmg havoc gila la. let the pics tell you the story, more fairy tales, do visit NADYA'S BLOG.

abaikan muka kami yg sememeh tu, sbb sume x mandi lagi, bgun trus gi makan nasi lemak bogon yg sedap gila babas tu.

oh, i admit, i failed when i parked the car at my house. gila susah kot

 while waiting for me to park the car, they posed first

at the evening, we baked. the pelangi cake. they were so eager and i was extremely happy

at night, we hanged out at the restaurant. makan2 lepak2, gossip for sure

 ok, we're full already, best2

the honourable friends

yeah, i DO love all of you

bila la lagi dorg nak dtg cmni kan. i missed them already. happy for 3 days when they stayed here. best sgt. ntah2, bila aku nak kawin, dapat cucu, baru dtg lagi. THANKS ONCE AGAIN for coming. 


Naddy said...

Terima kasih, I know I'm hot sampai nama jadi tajuk HAHAHAHHA! Nanti datang Nadya's pulak, and kitirang akan gegarkan rumah kau lagi! Hell yeah!

syiqin said...

eleh, blah la. ahahahhahaha
mari! mari!