Friday, March 12, 2010


everyone is posting about SPM results. but, what i can say is, alhamdulillah. i got what i had dreamt for a long time. i made my parent's dream come true. this success is not for me, it is totally for them. i was the one who had been chosen by GOD to get the task done. some of my friends asked me why i cried sadly as if i got bad result, they don't know my story, they don't know my life. no one knows our hard time- i mean our critical time. i don't care if they are counting for how many A+ they got, A- or A. what i know is that i want to be a grateful person. i want to appreciate what i have. i don't want to lose the one that i loved. i don't want to repeat that silly mistakes again.

now, i will listen to whatever my parent's said. they know me better than anyone else. 
and one thing, why should we cry for someone who never appreciate us, even though we had done everything for them, and give whatever it takes so that the person will notice what we had done for them. yeah, we really need someone that we can trust to give us support during our hard time. but, we should not hope too much to get paid for what we had give to them because they have their own life. and sometimes we need to realize, even though, they had promised us everything but then peoples change right. God had shown us the truth, but we are too blind to see it

oh yeah, i feel sad. but i'm happy. camne tu asyiqin?*ketuk kepala sendiri*

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