Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i'm speechless right now

to be truth, i'm crying

when nadya commented on me

ask me for not to go, i'm just cry

since awal thun aku duduk dgn dye and fat-al

they called me "BONDA"

and i called them ANAKANDA

msti rindu fat-al sakat2,gelaksme2, carutsme2, tido dlmkelas sesame, see her moody

as for nadya, see her hardworking, gossiping, carutsesame, place for me to express my feeling

a shoulder to cry on

praying for this is not true


to ANAKANDA, iloveu

1 comment:

Naddy said...

Syiqin, u've made me cry tau takkkk.Ughhh.Shit ah.Takpe Syiqin, I'll meet u everyday.I'll have my lunch with u.