Friday, June 12, 2009

the last outing and a haunted reminder

this is the last outing for me
no more hang out
mak kate "enjoy till your last sweat drop"
wemelisolnadrahkonah enjoy ourselves
sale mcm nk clearance stok je sume kedai
bought cardigan for upcoming nadhira's birthday as she wishes that
so asyiqin,
no more lepak-ing after this
because after this SPM will be haunting you

let's make some simple calculation and reminder

17th june -
balik maktab
18th june until early of july-
*in just 2 weeks we HAVE TO
syllabus kne habiskan
let me list the subject
BIO-growth and variation
ADD MATH- permutation and combination + probability
PHY-electromagnetic and electronics
SEJ- bab 8 and bab 9
MATH-earth as a sphere
CHEM-redox and chapter ape ntah yg kne wat sbun tuh
siap sediakan minda anda untuk mnjadi sprti bullet train

*mnakutkan kn muncung dye:)

maybe 2nd week of july- pre trial 1

mid of august- pre trial 2

early sept- TRIAL MARA!!!!!
takut dowh,
form 4 x start lagi
cmne nk skore nih
help me please:(
btw, where's my result
x sampai2
musang kt mktab tuh mkn kitorg punye ke
abg posmen yg baik hati, cepat2 la hntar result
sye dh nk mati nih.

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Anonymous said...

nak tgk cardigan?