Sunday, January 25, 2009

new family member

ok. now sume hw that involved with computer had been settled down. yg leftover only add math. so after this, mlm ni nak stay up untuk habiskan the PELANGI book.

today x de yg special pown. bgun pagi pown around 9. kemas2 rumah. do the laundry and yang seangkatan dengannya. petang nie i went to my aunt house at jalan klang lama to see my new born cousin named INSYIRAH WAAIHA. comel giler. pinky sungguh kulit that baby. jealous. but still, this my new cousin cannot challenge my crying. nak bangga jap. hehehe. :p.but anyway, welcome to tok hassan and hajah rahmah's family.


around 9 kitorg gerak balik, jalan2 around KL cuci2 mata yang masih terlekat kat kkb niyh. then decided makan kat medan selera ats bukit. so this is first time, our family had a dinner outside from our house. makan nasi pattaya. sedap giler sampai bngkus bawak balik. well, like anwar said, i have no time other than to eat. :).

so this is the story of the day.

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