Saturday, December 27, 2008


1. How old are you?
16 years, 3 months, 1day

2. Are you single?

3. In what age do you think you’ll get married?
plan nak kahwin in 25 or 26

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
i don't even have one, how do i know

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
someone that understand who i am and accept as i am

6. Do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
traditional because zaman tuh mesti org dh makin lupe adat budaya kan???

7. Your ideal motif??????
as i said above

8. Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
somewhere in england or places that full with lavender

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?
my friends (sume dijemput hadir) and my parents friends yg RAMAI giler and my relatives yg ramai jugak (byk bajet nih)

10. Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
i think if i chose simple it will turn to extravaganza wedding due to the guests

11. Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own?

12. How many layers of cake do you want to have?
5 kot. made by my mom

13. Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
hotel but my dad said he wants to do at our house, but hotel is my CHOICE

14. When do you want to get married, evening or morning?
night if at hotel, evening if at home

15. You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
indoors, klu wat outdoors, hujan camne??

16. Do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
of course, he's my soulmate kn ;D

17. Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding?
i'll be by edwin mc cain :)

18. Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
light, more merrier

19. What age do you want to get married?
bape kali nk tanye daa

20. Describe your ideal husband/wife
romantic, caring, gentleman, yg paling penting BUKAN PEMALAS and dok umah. (i'm very cerewet u know)

21. Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
gune tgn bole??

22. Champagne or red wine?
none. air sirap sirap je.. hehehe

23. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
10 days after wedding

24. Money or household item?
money la

25. Who will pay for the bills?
depends on the my husband decision (gatalnyer)

26. Are you ready for married life?
not ready yet. i want to kumpul all my asset and money before get married

27. Will u always be true to your wife/husbander.
insya-ALLAH. i pray for it

28. How many kids do you like to have?
brapa ek? berapa2 yg tuhan bagi je la

29. A new house for a newly wed or an old one?
if we have the old one. use the old one need to membazir

30. Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
as diamond is the best girl's fiends

31. What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?

32. Will u record your honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
mestila. tunjuk kat anak cucu nanti

Whose wedding plans would you like to know next? Choose 5 person.

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