Friday, December 26, 2008

boring thap dewa-dewa

1. When your home alone, do you still close the door when you use the restroom?
mestila, i'm not alone, malaikat and the evi-devil with me too

2. If you have to go grocery shopping, would you rather go alone or with someone?
with mylil' bro

3. Its your friends birthday, do you buy them a gift even though they didnt buy you one for yours?
yes, x pe. present doesn't show that they do not appreciate us rite??

4. You win the lottery. What do you do?
dosa la

5. Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
reasonable, memekak

6. Are you a beach person or a snowy mountain person?
snowy kot. sbb sya suke sejuk. besh!!!

7. When do you prefer to take a shower, morning or night?
night. tdo nyenyak

8. Can you watch scary movie alone?
nope, nnti terkencing2 :p

9. Soft bed or firm?
soft.. bley lompat2

10. Would you rather stay home all day, or be out and about?
depends on the mood

11. What's one of your worst memories?
ntah.. mlas nk igt that sad thingy tuh

12. Do you like to keep the peace or be confrontational?
usually, confrontational, thrill babeyh..

13. Are you more likely to be with a large group of people or a few close friends?
few close friends ;)

14. What are your plans for October?
prepared for spm

15. If money were not a problem, where would you like to live?

.16. What is your ideal profession?
people says, something that involve with communication. idk

17. Are you close to your Mom and Dad?
very (x1000)

18. What is one fear that you can't seem to overcome?

19. Are you good at math?
x sehebat mai

20. Whats stashed under your bed?
trash i think

21. Is there anyone that you regret ever meeting?
mestilah ada

22. In the opposite sex, where should their piercing(s) be?
i don't like guys yang piercing, for me, mcm pengotor. sori yek..

23. Would you rather have roommates or live alone?
asrama kene ade roommates

24. Do you like any of your friends a little more than just a friend?
yes, best friends

25. When you go to the store, do you have a list or just buy random things?
what i think is what i buy

26. You have 3 months left to live, what do you do?
doing taubat

27. You're having a bad day, what's one thing can make your day better?
sleeping hihi..

28. Is there anything you would change about your body if you could?
secret. syyhh

29. Your phone rings at 4am, who do you expect it to be?
angkat, if i'm awake. klu x biar je la dye melalak alone

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